Tuesday, 18 January 2011

plaster and puppy dogs

Well I am back with my puppy friend Dylan who is curled up next to me fast asleep at Gwen's house up in Penrith. This is my last full week at the Uni on the AA2A project. I am again turning plaster forms and casting plaster moulds. Just one disaster today with a mould splitting and 4 pints of plaster poured out all over the table! luckily that's why there is a plaster room dedicated to such things and no clay was ruined or contaminated which it would have been in my studio. The time spent here is invaluable and I am very grateful for everything learn ton the scheme.

I have been making more straight sided forms compared to the last time where I was carried away with curved bases and the techniques of the lathe work. I cast them with porcelain and parian clays and have fired them with a basic copper decoration but today I have used a basic decal pattern to see if the copper will react and the decals actually adhere to the unglazed surface.

first cast samples

detail of copper on parian
more photos to come......

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