Monday, 8 August 2011

An arty weekend in Liverpool

Art on Hope Street
Well that was a lovely weekend of fab art, good food and good company in the metropolitan city of Liverpool. We stayed at the Hope Street Hotel which had embroidered room numbers on the walls and key fobs which made me smile.

The weather wasn't great but we went from the Bluecoat to the Tate and the Magritte exhibition. Obviously my favourite painting in there(below) well there were a few but this made me smile and I sadly wrote down the brick bond in my sketchbook! Well I am working on a new sculpture design based on a man in a wall so I thought this was appropriate.

Then they have changed the This is Sculpture exhibition in one of the rooms to one curated by Phillip Treacy with a display of some of his hat moulds.

Robert Therrien: Smoke Signals

Street Art outside FACT on Bold Street.

Favourite pieces in the John Moore Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery. The top painting is called Cow Mutations by Tim Head and won the prize in 1987 and the sculpture is by Paul Morrison.

The Little Artists - Emimns Unmade bed and Hirsts Shark tank in Lego, I loved these.

On the way home I noticed even though we are still at the beginning of August the leaves on the trees are turning very Autumnal my favourite season, this was taken on the walk back to the hotel. It was a lovely arty weekend just what I needed after a hectic one last week with Potfest. I think I might get to like having weekends off.

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