Monday, 1 July 2013

Dandelion clocks

Dandelion clocks tall vase

dandelion detail

petite dandelion vase

So I have been playing with designs for my new work and am falling out of love with decals. Each one is the sames so drawing and designing each one individually gives them that unique twist again which is what I love.  

So I have put these on notonthehighstreet here just to dip my toe into the waters.

Oh and a silly little idea which I made for me with butterflies to pretty up my fireplace in the bedroom. Well it is the last room in the house I have paid any attention to. I may be painting walls again after Potfest in the Park though. Work to make first....


  1. i love the pots a lot and the little butterflies x

    1. Thanks H need to fall back in love with my work again for summer shows x


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