Monday, 29 July 2013

Potfest int the Park part 2 2013

Wow tired today it was such a lovely weekend very positive comments about the work and lots of nice potters I have had probably the best one yet (not sales but close) though they are all good experiences. Just what I needed after the year I have had health wise so phew I am at last sitting down and a day off is in order with the lovely Dylans mum or Gwen Bainbridge to most! But before all that I thought whilst in the moment I would just let you see the fabulous creations from the competition on the lawn at the show. Its' always a good range of ideas and talent this year was no exception. I thought they were anyway maybe if you missed it you could go and see next year. Put it in your diaries now. I never know if I will be there or not as its selected and have never counted my chickens but go anyway, book it in now!

Hannah McAndrew

Alvin Irving

Annie Peaker

Gwen Bainbridge

Gwen Bainbridge

George Ormerod

Christine Hester Smith

Wendy Kershaw

Wayne Clarke

David Cooke

Christine Cox

Christine Cox

Joanne Cooke

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