Sunday, 28 July 2013

Potfest in the Park 2013 update

So Potfest has been and gone and the obligatory picture of Dylan the toast monsters nose is here again. He is the most beautiful saluki lurcher and is currently curled up on the sofa asleep next to me. Bless him. Well Potfest has been amazing and here are some pics of my stand and the fabulous potters I have shared a tent with for the last 3 days. I will blog more about the competition pieces on the lawns in front of the 'big house' but at the moment I am tired and happily sleepy so off to bed until tomorrow and I will update you all on the marvelous adventure had at this years Potfest in the Park!

Dylans Mum Gwen Bainbridge

Gwen Bainbridge

                                                Nick Williams

 Ellen Rijsdorp

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