Thursday, 11 July 2013

Potfest in the Park Prep

So I have been casting vases and making birdhouses as Potfest is coming around fast again. I have been in a few schools too so not sure if I am meeting myself coming back at the moment keeping busy. 

I need to make my competition pieces too but have been playing too much on decoration and actually having fun. I never thought I would have the patience to decorate and I always admired Dylans mum for her patience and attention to detail, her work is rather gorgeous. Anyway I have been sat in the garden looking at flowers, forms and colours and avoiding the extra decal firing and also being organised enough to order them in time. So underglaze pencils and pots of colour have been littering the table. I hope you like at least one or two of them let me know what you think.

cow parsley

dandelion clocks

hare mad

Inspired by my drawings from the Witches 400 programme

The next photos are samples on the same posy vase I think I was playing but also testing what colours will take the high fired temperature to be honest as some of my lavender drawings lost their purple tones previously.

Which one should become a design?
I am not sure I think I might have to play some more!

Forms are now ready for booking the fantastic joint workshop with textile artist Priscilla Jones 

Please email me if you would like a form on weekend dates are 21st/22nd September 2013 should be a fabulous weekend.

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