Friday, 30 January 2015

New and old works in the studio sale

Very very new works based on the birds of Bowland that are now on show at the Art Room Gallery in Garstang I really quite like these to be honest very cheeky chappies :-)
There is one with a repaired leg in the sale too at the studios. On till Sunday I have set out some drawing and grouped together some pots to make more space to make and display. I have been told previously I am not allowed to throw the warped ones against the wall even though it is a very good feeling to get some frustrations out. Hey ho so if you are free and snow permitting I am opening up 11am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday come grab a bargain and make me a reasonable offer. 

really really old/dodgy works based on sweetheart sweets

I have also offered to display a friends work too. This is Richard Davies new work made with recycled materials and found oak wood/stone from the Gisburn forest.

We also have work on display by Neil Turner Upcycled Wooden furniture and also
Arts a Flutter paper mache framed pieces based on birds. 
Come and say hello and don't forget there is always cake :-)

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